Do twinkies have an everlasting shelf life?
Watch and learn.
I guess nobaody's interested in twinkies. That's a shame.
Why would anyone want to make their own Twinkies when you can just buy them?  And what do you do with the egg yolks if a recipe just calls for egg whites?  Seems very wasteful. 

But the destruction of the petrified Twinkies was kinda cool.
I'm with you doc. It's a lot easier to buy them. Kind of a waste of time to make them.
Twinkies are disgusting. Just ask Marty.
Spooky Wrote:Twinkies are disgusting. Just ask Marty.

Quick! Where's the video? [Image: laff.gif]
Twinkies are delicious!!!!!!!
I would have to concur.  Twinkies are delicious, though best in limited quantities. 

I remember that movie "Disturbia" when the kid built the tower out of glued together Twinkies.  Not just a food product, but construction material as well.  Classic.
Twinkies are like many other things in life. They are fine in moderation.
antimodernist Wrote:Twinkies are like many other things in life. They are fine in moderation.
Couldn't watch the clip. No sound?
Not too ling ago CNN ran a documentary on our terrible modern American diets. Yes, you guessed it: Twinkies are featured. Bad, bad, bad, the CNN "naysayers" say.

But anyway, the Twinkie people say that the shelf life is 'sposed to be a month. I know they last longer.

Still in all for the calories, one could do better.

Edited to add: The Twinkies you buy in the supermarket don't have eggs at all, although the original Twinkies did. Now-a-days, there are no real dairy products in Twinkies what-so-ever. Only shelf stable chemical ingrediants.

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