Quitting smoking succesfully??????
Who on this forum has been a smoker, has quit, and been successful at it? I have been trying to quit for ages now and can not. My wallet is really starting to feel it, not to mention my health. Any input?
Yeah, I used to smoke. It's like anything else, you fail, you just get back up and try again. :smile:

I'll say some prayers for you, that it sticks!
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.
When I first quit, I kept candy or mint toothpicks in my purse to suck on when the temptation was running high.  I gained about 10 pounds, but I figured that quitting smoking was worth a little more weight.

The number one thing that helped me quit was simply avoiding people and places that involved smoking, although that wasn't done intentionally by me.  The city I lived in banned smoking in all public buildings including restaurants and coffee houses, and I simply happened to have no friends who were smoking either.  Sitting near people who were smoking would always get me back on the habit.  

Get pregnant. ;)

Stay away from triggers. My trigger was my car so I couldn't avoid that but I could avoid places where I normally bought cigarettes. Grocery stores keep them under lock and key so i usually bought them at gas stations and convenience stores. I stayed outside at gas stations and avoided convenience stores. I also avoided going out for drinks where they had smoking patios and i avoided other smokers. Other smokers never want you to quit. Do it cold turkey, its easiest. If you try to limit yourself to 5, you start to get mentally obsessed with those 5 and those 5 can easily turn into 10.

Eventually the smell of cigarettes will nauseate you rather than entice you but be prepared...like all addictions, you're addicted for life. It doesn't go away, it just gets easier.
Ditto to what Paloma says.

Although I did not go completely cold turkey and cut back a bit for two weeks before quitting.  I didn't cut back by number of cigarrettes, but instead I put off smoking to later and later in the day until the last day when I smoked only one after dinner. 

This all sounds very good. I have quit probably a dozen times or so. My problem is, everytime I quit I tell my self that one more wont kill me. I end up buying a pack and then I'm hooked again.
Paloma Wrote:Get pregnant. ;)

This would probabaly be the easiest way.....if I were female.[Image: laff.gif]
3 Packs a Day of Marlboro Reds.  Cold Turkey.

Great story.
I quit for an entire year using the patch (no, I didn't use the patch for a year, just in the beginning). It was extremely difficult. Even with the patch there were many, many things broken in my house. Then I started up again, smoked for about a year and a half and but then got pregnant. I was still smoking for a couple of months there ([Image: embarrassed.gif]) then one day I had absolute no $$. None, nada. After 3 days I got my check but knew from past experience that the cig would taste terrible after not smoking for 3 days, and being pregnant probably helped more than that.
When I had quit before, I missed it terribly and wished I still smoked. For that whole year I was resentful for quitting. Does that make sense? Recently, I've been very glad I don't smoke, one less thing to worry about being without. (I hated that awful, awful feeling of not having any cigarettes and having no resources to get more, either because of  $$ or because everything is closed). This probably wasn't very helpful but good luck.

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