Catholic Aid for Palestine
From forum member PilgrimageofGrace, reposted by Quis:

PilgrimageofGrace Wrote:The League for the Kingship of Christ in Britain sell religious items made by Palestinian Catholics in order to raise money for their temporal aid. Individual and bulk orders are welcome. If your respository isn't selling these items yet, ask them why not and ask them to enquire about said items from the League.


More information about what is going on in Palestine (warning, disturbing images) can be found / discussed

Here (offsite):

And here:

More aid info from forum member PilgrimageofGrace, reposted by Quis.

"PilgrimageofGrace" Wrote:Emergency Aid for Palestine


Link to secure online donation facility
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Catholics are asked through their charity to contribute to the material relief of our desperately suffering Palestinian brethren.

Traditional Catholics in Europe have for some years built good relationships with Catholic Palestinians in the Holy Land attempting to provide aid in the forms of medical assistance, the organization of pilgrimages and by the support of small craft enterprises whereby Palestinian families are enabled, in a small way, to work to provide for themselves.

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Please consider donating to this important work of charity, especially at this time, when, in Gaza more than 30% of the victims of the ongoing conflict are young children and babies.

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The next aid mission of Catholic traditionalists to the Holy Land leaves towards the end of February, 2009. Gaza is completely closed to outside aid at the moment but donated monies indicated for Gaza will be given to a Catholic medical mission to ensure that doctors, nurses and medical supplies reach Gaza at the first opportunity.


Thank you for your time and support on behalf of our suffering brethren in the Holy Land.

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