Prayer request in behalf of Mr. Frank Natera SSPX seminarian...
Please for for Mr. Frank Natera - first seminarian  from the NYC Mission of St. Christopher's in Manhattan... if everything falls according to God's design... he'll be the very first fruit of  St. Christopher's Mission -- fruit of Rev. Fr. Gerardo Zendejas' labor of love and sacrifice! 

Yay! Go NYC - SSPX! --- GOooooo!

Oh, Lord, grant us priests
Oh, Lord, grant us many priests
Oh, Lord grant us many, many holy priests and holy religious vocations!

Queen of the Clergy, obtain for us many, many, holy, holy, learned priests and holy religious vocations!

[Image: prayer.gif]
[Image: prayer.gif][Image: prayer3.gif]Soul of Christ sanctify him
body of Christ save him

I will indeed pray for him -- we all need good priests so much!

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