Israel Has Managed to Lose Again
Kiersten_Rose, I haven't seen such a superficial response to a question in a very long time.

The cut & paste "long version" completely neglects to deal with the substance of the article.

Please tackle the subject of the article yourself if you wish to defend the history and foundation of the Zionist State.

As for the "short version" comments, which I assume are yours rather than a quick c&p:

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And if G-d was not on their side how in their small and almost insignificant state ever exist. I mean have you looked at a map lately...
Yes, I've looked at a map and I see a bandit State built upon the stolen land, the spilled blood and the persecution of Christian, Moslem and Jewish Palestinians.

Catholics will tell you God allows evil things to happen in the world as a consequence of, and punishment for, sin. Such things are a deserved chastisement and a call for people to turn towards Him.

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If it weren't for the nazi chain of events, Israel wouldn't be the beautiful modern state it is today.
Israel being a beautiful modern state is a merely a subjective polemical opinion.

Even so, are you actually claiming that Zionist collaboration with the National Socialist regime and the cold, calculated condemnation by Zionist leaders of millions of Jewish people to a life in ghettos and labour camps was an acceptable strategy from which to grab another people's land in order to build a Zionist State upon?

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Israel is a rich, vibrant country with money, arts and the best of everything. How are the Palestinians doing? Is the hatred working?
The hatred does appear to be working, doesn't it. The Palestinians have been dispossessed of their land, are walled into ghettos, are severely restricted in their ability to travel, trade and provide sustenance for themselves. When they protest they are beaten, imprisoned, shot, bombed. As you say, life for Israeli usurpers from the US, Russia and Lord knows where else is a bed of roses. Hatred has indeed worked very well for Zionists in a material sense.

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Israel being a secular country allowing all religions freedom to practice ... it does not cater (excuse the food pun) to one religion but Jews do have a place where they can practice without being the exception.
The populations of towns like Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth had large Christian majority populations before the Zionist project took hold. Catholic villages like Kafr Bi'rim and Iqrit were bulldozed and their inhabitants murdered and driven out by Zionist terrorists. Archbishop Elias Chacour recounts what happened at Iqrit on Christmas day, 1951:
On Christmas morning...bundled in sweaters and old coats supplied by the Bishop's relief workers, the villagers gathered in the first light of day...Mother, Father, Wardi, and my brothers all joined in singing a jubilant Christmas hymn as they mounted the hill...At the top of the hill their hymn trailed into silence...Why were the soldiers still there? In the distance, a soldier shouted, and they realized they had been seen. A cannon blast sheared the silence. Then another—a third...Tank shells shrieked into the village, exploding in fiery destruction. Houses blew apart like paper. Stones and dust flew amid the red flames and billowing black smoke. One shell slammed into the side of the church, caving in a thick stone wall and blowing off half the roof. The bell tower teetered, the bronze bell knelling, and somehow held amid the dust clouds and cannon fire... Then all was silent—except for the weeping of women and the terrified screams of babies and children.

Mother and Father stood shaking, huddled together with Wardi and my brothers. In a numbness of horror, they watched as bulldozers plowed through the ruins, knocking down much of what had not already blown apart or tumbled. At last, Father said—to my brothers or to God, they were never sure—'Forgive them.' Then he led them back to Gish.

The State of Israel has often denied entry to Catholic priests and bishops and even attempted to block the Holy See's appointment of Archbishop Mouallem and detained both him and Archbishop Chacour in 2002, preventing them from travelling. The State of Israel has forcibly occupied, closed and bulldozed dozens of Catholic churches.

Archbishop Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem:
The [Israeli] government creates pressures – such as the visa question – which threaten the existence of the Christians in the Holy Land.... Siege is imposed upon all villages and towns, whether they are Christian or whether they are Muslim.

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The state of Israel was formed out of a conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, but this conflict was essentially the product of Great Britain's colonial settlement policies. Jews didn't invade Palestine like some sort of conquering army, they were permitted to emigrate there by the colonial power in Palestine. The numbers increased vastly after World War II, which led to growing resentment by Palestinian Arabs, armed conflict between Jews and Arabs and ultimately, to the formation of the state of Israel. There was plenty of killing to go around, on both sides.
No, Zionism has been the major cause of the conflict between Jews and Arabs, whether Christian or Moslem, in the Holy Land. They lived fairly peacefully together before.

Whether Jewish Zionists or Gentile Zionists, it makes no difference. Zionism has caused, and continues to cause, the virtual destruction of Christianity in the Holy Land, just as the popes predicted it would.

As far as the former British Mandate is concerned, Zionist terrorists were already bombing and shooting both civilians and British soldiers. It was the Zionist terror campaign conducted by later Israeli Prime Ministers like Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres and David Ben Gurion, all allowed to enter Palestine by the British Zionist's Balfour Declaration of 1917, that led to the creation of the State of Israel. The State of Israel was founded upon, and from, terrorism. It hasn't changed.


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