Ideas wanted for Historical Clothing Business
Well, despite if the portrait is the original or not, the clothing is accurate to the 1720's. I double checked the Virginia Historical Society website, to see the painting in more detail (they show a larger version), and checked it against known clothing from the 1720's. To copy his look should not be too hard. Many Victorian era copies of original paintings were meticulous in copying every detail. It could be that Robert "King" Carter's painting was one of those accurate copies.
My daughter would love a Regency/Edwardian style dress to wear to the homeschool prom next year over the modern modest options you can find at and similar sites. I am sewing imparied so we would have to pay someone else to make it. Interested?
I would love to make her dress for her! Does your daughter have a preference as to what time period and style?
She's a Jane Austen junkie :D
Ah, then Regency it is then! I will research some different patterns, and message you with some options. [Image: comp.gif] Does she have any certain color already in mind?
I'm a big fan of older fashions and traditional eurowear. There are some clothes that are really hard to find, but are really practical to have in ones wardrobe.

For women, I would say capelets, shawls, and muffs are a must. The more lace the better, especially white lace, and those lace neck chokers are very attractive. Women's short jackets with vests are nice. For men waistcoats, or just simple vests, inverness coats, men's white nightshirts or sleeping gowns for women, smoking caps, and you could make something like "kniebundhose", do a google search. They are a German, or Austrian style pant similar to knickerbockers. It's kind of the modern version from the old styles men would wear with stockings in the 18th century. They look good with waistcoats. I like to wear them in the summer. Do a search for "Tracht", or "Trachten." That is traditional German wear and is still popular in the alpine countries. Something else needed are good aprons for men and women. I always wear an apron when cleaning, cooking, or polishing shoes.

 If someone could explain how to post pics, I could give you many examples. 

Here are some sites I just found that might give some ideas about traditional European clothing. You can spend all day looking at Trachten online.

I still have to get my European wig cut and stylized, but it has an interesting look when worn loosely under my hat when I went to a friend's birthday party today. Has a certain Gothic undertaker aesthetic.

[Image: portrait.jpg]

(the same picture in color)

[Image: 91877ac-sephiroth-1.jpg]
I call Sephiroth!!!!!!!

[Image: lucius_malfoy3.jpg]

With that wig and the 18th century outfit, you would look like a rogue nobleman with an attitude. [Image: rockonsmiley.gif]

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