Wow!  What a great recipe!
I think a loss of simplicity in our kitchens is largely responsible for obesity.
My recipe:
3 cups cooked rice
2 cans beans of your choice with flavorings of your choice (ie bacon or jalapenos)
1 can diced tomatoes with flavorings of your choice(italian spices, jalapenos etc.)
1 small can extras if you like them (ie mushrooms, more jalapenos-yes I like it hot [Image: waytogo.gif])
1/2 stick of good-quality butter.
salt, pepper, spices (try a small amount of cinnamon for a sweet twist) to your taste.
After cooking the rice, I stir in the other ingredients while the rice is still hot, then heat the mixture a little longer.  If you're into getting your good natural fats, you might add a little olive oil with each serving.  This is my favorite thing to eat if my asthma is acting up.  The spices clear things up and the natural fats are good for coating the lungs.

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