Obama needs to watch this...
Quote:so many stupid people watching who are unaware or ignorant, probably think Obama is pro-life.
I've gotten that impression too.  If they don't think he's actually pro-life, they figure he's at least in the wishy-washy middle, with all the other people who don't actually like abortion but wouldn't want to ban it either.  After all, he goes to church, says "God" a lot in his speeches, and says he doesn't know exactly when life starts, so he can't really be pro-abortion, can he?

Well, yeah, turns out he can.
It's sad to see a group such as CatholicVote jumping on the Obama-mania bandwagon, though the message is quite good. I've often wondered how many great generals, priests, curers of cancer, etc have been killed-off in the womb.

Cyriacus Wrote:setting aside the stigma of a student becoming pregnant, was a source of shame.

President Obama's mother was married to his father at the time. As such, that particular taboo, that of being a pregnant student, wouldn't be there. Also, she was in college, so there's a different dynamic as well. Obama's parents later did divorce.
At the time of pregnancy, they were unmarried. Marriage only occurred after Ms. Dunham was 3 months pregnant. My understanding is that the conception of the child was the driving motivation for this unstable, short marriage. These days, due to the availability of abortion, it is not unreasonable to think a different course might have been pursued.
Barack Sr. was already married in Kenya with a son and another baby on the way when he moved to Hawaii, so I don't suppose his marriage to Ann was valid anyway, whether it happened before or after the conception of their son.  She divorced him when he abandoned her and their son (a habit of his, apparently) and she found out about the bigamy, but she always praised him to Barack Jr.
It was very clever in concept, but much too subtle to be understood by the target audience.

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