Best of Fisheaters Sandwich recipes
Satori Wrote:
Jacafamala Wrote:Nobody mentioned a Reuben yet? My guys here really like that...

Thousand Island dressing, Rye bread (thin), corned beef and melted Swiss cheese.

I love Reubens, but I always thought of them as sandwiches you buy from a deli, not sandwiches you make at home. Do you make them?

Anyone else here love sailor sandwiches?

Reubans are great. We make them at my house. Nothing like a good reuban.
Paloma might try making a crab reuben - people have lobster reubens, so why not crab?   You can also do bisque or a newberg. 
Pleeze may I has a turltleburger sammich with mayo and onions to go? :)

[Image: fastfoodturtle.jpg]
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(03-19-2010, 09:19 AM)Jacafamala Wrote: Pleeze may I has a turltleburger sammich with mayo and onions to go? :)

[Image: fastfoodturtle.jpg]

careful what you wish for.  i saw a version of this at the wal-mart in china last week.  wish i was kidding...
Turtleburger...  :laughing:

Another "delicacy"
[Image: bacon-wrapped-hot-dog-maple-bar.jpg]

That's not a hot dog bun, but a maple bar... in case you couldn't tell.
(01-25-2009, 07:08 PM)frerejacques Wrote: four tender steamed broccoli florets
two thin slices of red onion
four slices of ripe jersey beefsteak tomato
chiffonade of basil
two slices romaine
pile onto garlic bread
drizzle balsamic vinegar, maybe a little black pepper
eat once

Where's the beef?
Chipped or minute steak
cold spaghetti and red sauce (marinara, meat etc as long as its red)
fresh Italian roll

fry up the steak, butter salt pepper
shred the mozzarella and add mushrooms to the pan.
Take the cold pasta and sauce (mixed) and cut it up so that its little rice size pieces, spread thickly on a buttered Italian roll
add steak and mushrooms
sprinkle with shredded  mozzarella
add a little sauce and broil in oven about three minutes to melt the cheese
(01-26-2009, 01:42 PM)LaRoza Wrote:
miss_fluffy Wrote:Vegan women suffer from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy more than any other group.

That is false.

I would also like to point out the indications of pre-eclampsia are pointing towards individual nutrients. It is perfectly possible to be malnurished on any diet and it is the responsibility of all people to make sure they are eating properly. A "vegan" diet can also just mean eating junk food with no animal stuff in it. A healthy diet, vegan or otherwise, won't have that problem.

Also, if you want to play the blame game, I'd take a typical vegan diet over mainstream anyday:

Herr keep in mind cows have very different digestive capabilities.
Vegans pervert the natural order.  God wants us to eat meat.
correct as usual, DrBombay....


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