Will SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson Lead a Countermovement to the SSPX?
Now forming: the Society of Saint Pius 2.5.
ForumLurker Wrote:Someone also recently posted a picture of Fr/Mr/Whatever Morrison's little chapel in San Francisco.

I wonder what passers-by think. They have no idea that they're walking by the last lone voice against the Fellayist NewRomeMotuMessChurch of Benedict-Ratzinger or whatever...

When I was at the Fisherman's Wharf a couple years ago sightseeing, I had no idea that little hut in the corner of my eye was the last bastion of the One True Faith.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009The "Re-Incommunication"
Eleison Comments LXXXII

As of course a large number of readers already know, a Decree dated Jan. 21 from the Congregation of Bishops in Rome (not Ecclesia Dei) "remitted" the "excommunicating" Decree of July 1, 1988, so that the four Society of St. Pius X bishops then declared to be "excommunicated" are now "re-incommunicated". In my opinion this latter Decree is a great step forward for the Church without being a betrayal on the part of the SSPX.

It is a great step forward for the Church because if the Church's problem ever since Vatican II has been a separation of Catholic Authority from Catholic Truth, with this Decree Catholic Authority has taken a decisive step back towards their re-union. Just as after the Motu Proprio of July, 2007, nobody could any longer say that the true rite of Mass was banned by Rome, even if they can still behave as though it is, so too now nobody can any longer say that Catholics holding to Tradition are "outside the Church". Certainly a number of Conciliarists will go on behaving as though they are, but they clearly no longer have the Pope on their side only. The difference is enormous!

Of course there is still a long way to go before the neo-modernists in Rome, conscious or unconscious, realize - if ever! - how they mistake the Faith, but as the old proverb says, "Rome was not built in a day", and it will not be repaired in a day. Nevertheless "Half a loaf is better than no bread" - ask a hungry man! - so meanwhile let us know how to thank God for this major shift of the rudder of the Conciliar Church. Let us then thank the Blessed Virgin Mary whose intervention will have been decisive, thanks to the nigh on one and three quarter million rosaries offered to her for this intention, by a number of yourselves amongst others. And let us thank and pray for Benedict XVI and all his collaborators who helped to push through this Decree, despite, for instance, a media uproar orchestrated and timed to prevent it.

However, by asking for and accepting such reconciliation with the Conciliar Church, is not the SSPX threatening to lead the way back into Conciliarism? In no way! No doubt some Conciliarists in Rome are hoping that the Decree will serve to draw the SSPX back into the fold of Vatican II, but the Decree itself, as it stands, commits the Society to nothing more than to entering into those discussions to which the Society committed itself in 2000 when it proposed the liberation of the Mass and the ending of the "excommunications" as preconditions in the first place.

Then are such discussions without danger? Certainly not! But St. Peter says we should always be "ready to satisfy every one that asks you for a reason of that hope which is in you" (I Pet. III, 15). How can the SSPX not rejoice in the opportunity to lay out in Rome, before the Roman authorities themselves, the profound doctrinal reasons which we believe to be at the root of the Church's present distress? Woe unto us Catholics of Tradition if we were not ready to give reason for that hope which is in us for the rescue of the Church! So continue to pray the Rosary, dear Catholics, for the possible realization and outcome of such discussions, so that they may serve first, last and foremost, the interests of God, of God, of God. Kyrie eleison.

La Reja, Argentina
Sounds like Fr. Morrison's fantasy is premature.

Why do people think Bp. Williamson is against reconciling with Rome?  He never has been.  He just doesn't want to reconcile and find out he is to be assimilated by the Borg.

Trust has always been an issue between the SSPX and Rome, and I think the Pope's actions will help Bp. Williamson to trust Rome a bit more.

Agreed, I think its far more likely that Bishop Williamson will be jailed in Germany than will break away from the SSPX.

On the face of it the SSPX are now in a commanding position.  The gates have been opened and the wooden horse of Troy rolled in.  For Bishop Williamson to break away would be like the Greeks breaking out of the Trojan Horse and attacking the fortess from the outside.

Fr. Moderator is just angry that he is still stuck outside waiting for the fortress to blow itself to bits.

Reminds me of a Monty Python Sketch.

Perhaps Fr. Moderator needs to build a large wooden badger!!!
Robb Wrote:From Traditio:

Will SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson Lead a Countermovement to the SSPX?From: The Fathers
[Image: com0901zc.jpg] SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson
Will He Prove to Be a True Successor to Archbishop Lefebvre
And Lead a Walkout of Traditional Catholics from the SSPX
Because of Fellay's Recent Sellout to the Novus Ordo in Newrome?
Reports Are Coming into the TRADITIO Network that a Repeat of the Split of 1983
May Be in the Offing, when SSPX's Best Priests Formed the SSPV
A British source paints an interesting picture of fallout from Bernie Fellay's recent sellout to Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order. The source reminds us that it has long been thought in the SSPX that if Fellay ever rejected traditional Catholicism and sold out to the Novus Ordo, SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson would split the SSPX and take with him the SSPX's traditional Catholics who want nothing to do with Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order.
Sources inside the SSPX indicate that in fear of Williamson, Fellay has been engaging in machinations behind the scenes to try to ensure that as many of the SSPX clergy will stay with him when he moves completely to the Novus Ordo. These Fellayite clergy have also been ordered to put the strong-arm on SSPX congregations to stay loyal to Fellay and Newchurch. Inside information indicates that most priests of the SSPX do not wish to go over to Newrome, but want to remain traditional.
Once before, the SSPX experienced a devastating split, when a number of its most respected priests founded the Society of St. Pius V (SSPV), claiming that the SSPX had already gone too far in accepting the Bugnini-Conciliar "Mass of 1962" and various doctrines of Vatican II. In recent years, the SSPX has been haemorrhaging priests of a more Modernist stripe, who are going directly into the New Order, like the majority of the SSPX's community at Papa Stronsay, Scotland. Such priests reckon that if the SSPX is eventually going Novus Ordo anyway, what point is there in staying with the SSPX, which will continue to be rejected, like the Eastern Orthodox? Rather, such more Modernist priests are leaving the SSPX to go directly to the Novus Ordo establishment -- now.
The British source reports that the SSPX does not have great numbers in the U.K. attending its chapels. Its London Chapel has recently gone from two full Sunday Masses to one Mass; Manchester and Liverpool SSPX Masses are sparsely attended. Newchurch has engaged in a campaign of placing next to SSPX chapels Novus Ordo churches offering the so-called "Extraordinary Form" which is part of Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax to get the SSPX into the New Order.
Actually, the "unexcommunications" of the four SSPX bishops does nothing in itself. It is necessary for Fellay to engage in talks directed at getting the SSPX to sell out to the New Order fully, with the goal of getting the SSPX, or what is left with it after Williamson takes away the traditional Catholics in it, into the Novus Ordo mainstream. Such talks, in any case, will be long and protracted, eventually dissolving at the chasm of Vatican II. Talks with the schismatic Eastern Orthodox bishops have been going on for forty years now since the mutual "unexcommunications" of 1965, and Newrome and Constantinople are farther apart now than ever!

“…when SSPX's Best Priests Formed the SSPV…”


//holding back snickers and out and out laughter//


They are sedevacantist and schismatic. 
Lead by Bishops with crackerjack box gift consecrations.


I doubt Bishop Williamson will do so as things stand now. 
Even if people think the worst of him they must suspect he has larger goals than a rag tag band of dissenters.  The entire Church is his target.


I fully agree with him on maters of doctrine but…


I fully disagree with him on historical events such as 911 and the Holocaust. 
I am at full liberty to do so and I have heard him say so myself.  Along with a lot of other witnesses that heard him say just that before an entire congregation in Northern Virginia
in 2004. 
All Catholics are perfectly free to disagree with him on these matters as well with no fear of their mortal salvation.


Bishop Fellay has also stated the SSPX has no intention of taking up a defence for Bishop Williamson on these issues, he will have to speak for himself.  It is not the goal or mission of SSPX to do so.  He is correct on this, and it matters not if Bishop Fellay agrees or disagrees with Bishop Williamson.  It is not a matter of doctrine or Tradition.


Those who wish to make such views an obligation of the faith are tinkering with Church Doctrine and we all know the proper word for that sort of self appointed authority.

Mark in the Old South

MeaMaximaCulpa Wrote:
Reichsjager Wrote:
StevusMagnus Wrote:[Image: eyes.gif]

Sedes, having abandoned any hope at reconciliation, want to sabotage this at all costs, hoping to pick off a few SSPX closet Sedes in the process.

Misery loves company.

Quote:May Be in the Offing, when SSPX's Best Priests Formed the SSPV

This about made me fall out of my chair from laughing so hard. What a bunch of crap.

Fr. Cekada might see it differently...

Fr. Cekada?????????

Is this the same Fr Cekada that publically stated the termination of the life of Terri Schivo was acceptable and no sin??????
Yes, the creep.

I was surprised to see General Bryan Grimes, CSA as your avatar.  My family comes from the Grimesland, North Carolina area.

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