Was Dorothy Day a Libertarian?
QuisUtDeus Wrote:
didishroom Wrote:Why is being a Libertarian bad?

It requires one turn a blind eye to the truth.

True...liberty based on nothing but Enlightened "liberty"...no God, Church, moral...etc...
DarkKnight Wrote:
HailGilbert Wrote:
devotedknuckles Wrote:She was a RED!!!!!!

She started out as a Red, but then - by the Grace of God - left that evil ideology and became a Distributist.

Let me confess my igorance, before I am accused of it.

What is the difference between a Communist and a Distributist (sounds like the opening line of a joke to me) beside the fact that one is on our side and the other theirs?

Communism=ownership and control of land and tools, etc owned by state and a few beaucrats
Distributism=economy and life centered on Christ/Church..property owned widely by individuals/families, little Govt involvement (Subsidiarity) and small businesses, farms, etc...again ,controlled by individuals/church/families....

Communism and Distributism is widely different....read a few books, some good ones at IHS Press, on matter...you will see a opposition to Capitalism (Protestant originated, focusing on materialism) and communism/socialism (State control and materialism)

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