Skilled, white workers need not apply
Reich & Rangel, no "White Professional Male Construction Workers" need apply
Remember Reich?  He was in Clinton's economic cabinet?   He's baaaccckkk!

  Do watch this one past the break in the middle of it. Very interesting. 
 After the break he puts the icing on the cake. 
 This is appalling. Our new infrastructure will be worthless when the work 
 is done by incompetents and the contracts are awarded and padded to pay  off 
 Democratic contributors. Do watch this: 

Make no mistake about it.  When Reich and others like him say they don't want the money JUST going to "white male construction workers" they really mean they don't want ANY of the money going to them.  I am afraid we are in for at least four years of the worst government we have ever had, and I thought Bush was bad enough.  My gosh, it is like going back to the sixties.  I thought I was through with that.
According to Lou Dobbs either 80 billion or 150 billion goes to construction. This depends which liar you believe. Hardly any of it goes immediately to "shovel ready projects", lots is farther out next year, begging the question who is getting the rest? The tax cuts are going to those that do not pay income taxes. I can't for the life of me figure out why if the housing market is the cause we don't get those guys back to work and lift the economy by getting that money circulating again. Herr Reich and Herr Rangel tie their shoes in little nazis.[Image: wink.gif]
When you combine handouts with weak-immigration, you basically tax the citizens so that poor people can move to your country and improve their own standard of living.

Can we afford to do that?


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