Have fun with this one

Like the Fr. Z article it just gets tiring.

Good old CFR-establishmentarian and Good War Jihadist George Weigel!  You can always count on him to root for an American military intervention, like the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, no matter who gets killed and maimed in the process, and no matter what his beloved conciliar popes tell him about the morality of those interventions.  Cafeteria Catholicism indeed.   

The conventional view of the Holocaust undergirds the American Imperium's endless wars on behalf of its "special ally," lending them a veneer of legitimacy.  Questioning the official account can only lead to a questioning of the Imperium's endless wars.  This will not do.  
Mabe he wants the position  left by Fr. Neuhaus' death at "First Things" in this "Catholic moment".Typed by tim for juvenal.
I like to pejoratively call him Presbyter Neuhaus, since he made sure at every turn with his buddy Newcardinal Dulles to pejoratively refer to me as a Lefebvrist.  Funny you mention RJN as he signed himeself off, since in my original post I had done all sorts of in text commentary and mentioned the same fellow at the end.
I may still post that in text commentary, we shall see.  Although I have trouble with the formating even when I elect to remove it...all kinds of weird symbols.

Yes, Weigal is soo loyal to Rome, except when it contradicts GOP/War mongers.......proves in article he has no clue to what SSPX about, objected to or what happened in 1988 and prior.....likely, does not care, esp since SSPX is agaisnt "war" in Middle east and Bush/Neocon war machine.....
Why do jackasses like this get print time?

Oh yeah, because they make the Church look bad.
Yes, I posted this previously...


Ferrara briefly mentioned Weigel in his latest (outstanding) article at the Remnant...


Quote:Overreaching hugely, the liberal George Weigel (who has somehow managed to repackage himself as a “conservative” Catholic commentator) tried to gin up the Williamson affair into an indictment of “Marcel Lefebvre’s war,” not only “against modern liturgy” but also “modernity, period.”[4]
The Archbishop, Weigel sneered, actually believed that modernity “involved aggressive secularism, anti-clericalism, and the persecution of the church by godless men.” Wherever did the Archbishop get that strange idea? Perhaps he got it from the real world in which he lived and suffered with heroic virtue, as opposed to the cozy think tank in which Weigel dreams his liberal Catholic dreams of pluralist utopia, while the real world continues its rapid descent into total depravity—just as predicted by a long line of anti-liberal Popes whose insistent warnings about the errors of modernity Weigel and his fellow liberal Catholics would like us all to forget...



Sorry to have repeated, it was fun anyway.

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