Traditionally Speaking
PaxVobiscum Wrote:Oh, this is good! I read one of the articles, the one called "Mother Cabrini's Piglet," which is about the Italian custom of St. Anthony's pig. It ended with this:

Msgr. Nicola Bux, a professor at the Theological Faculty of Apulia, Italy, recently joined the Ecclesia Dei Commission. Asked what can lay people do when bishops and priests are dead set against the new provisions of Pope Benedict’s on the Latin Mass, he replied: “When bishops and priests go off the rails, pray to St. Joseph. He is the Patron of the Universal Church. Pray to him so that he may open their eyes or close them forever.”

I love Italians!

Now we know what to do. Let's start some St. Joseph novenas for some of these wayward prelates in the US, like Cardinal Mahony, and maybe the USCCB in general.

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