Fire in Chicago Cathedral
I think it's a synecdoche--a part that signifies the whole. I've got an old catechism by a doctor of the Church (St. Robert) written shortly after the Council of Trent that says the bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. When Christ said "This is my Body" nobody corrected Him to include "...Blood, Soul, and Divinity." I think it's an acceptable way to refer to the Blessed Sacrament under the species of bread.

Plus, there actually is some signification involved as well. For example, I've seen it explained that while the Sacrifice itself is unbloody, the bread is consecrated first and then the wine to signify the Blood being separated from the Body (i.e. death) and when they are mingled it signifies the Resurrection--even though the whole Substance really is present in each species..

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