Hitchens: Traditional Catholicism is Inherently Anti-Semitic
I took Hitchens for a rather better writer. His repeated disdainful use of words in quotation marks, as "bishop" with reference to His Excellency Bishop Williamson and again for the "Society of Saint Pius X," comes across as smug and amateurish. Is he writing to convince or disparage? The only thing I gain from this article is the knowledge that Hitchens is self-satisfied, though I have to wonder if the same result could not have been more charitably obtained---if what is said of his taste in leisure is true---through the faculties of one Johnnie Walker.
Hitchens sort of brings home the point that the devil is laughing at all of this. His useful idiots are doing his bidding. As an atheist, Hitchens is much more susceptible to demonic influence. I would not be surprised if the evil one inspired his latest.
His brother Peter is a traditional-minded Anglican with a sound head on his shoulders, and I don't think he is very keen on the liberal trends in the Church of England. It would not be unreasonable to place hope in that Hitchens crossing the Tiber.
Telemaque Wrote:
Quote:Activity does not equal achievement. No misconceptions were shattered. Instead, the media created new ones or added fuel to the fire of old ones.

I disagree. A misconception was shattered. The misconception that Catholic prelates will always apologize for offending the Jews when they say what they believe.
And that is still a trivial "victory" for you, because who is right or wrong in the matter of these Holocaust gas chambers and how many actually died have still yet to be conclusively determined. It false accusations trying to implicate the Church in something 'ghastly', like the condoning of mass genocide or that the Church supports Nazi policies, were the type pf misconceptions I'm trying to get at, although I did not convey that point well enough in the previous post.
I do think that it is strange for someone who so hates religion to be so wrapped up in it.

I think we should pray that he converts, both out of charity, and also because it would be a great grace for the Church to have one so anti-Catholic, actually embrace the faith.

This may be wishful thinking, but there is always a fine line between love and hate and if he is able to intellectually connect the dots, perhaps something will click and open his mind.

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