National Catholic Distorter: Trads are the "Catholic equivalent of Civil War reenacters"
#1 Rome's gesture is just confusing

Name-calling and subtle inaccuracies...not surprised...
This was surprisingly mild. Maybe these apostates are getting so discouraged they're having difficulty mustering up the effort to spew vitriol?
What are they really saying?

That believing and practicing what the Catholic Church taught quite clearly until 1958 is "Civil War Re-enactment."

In other words, they reject the Faith.
"If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you."(John 15:18)
Quote:Benedict apparently thinks unity lies in looking backward and accommodating those who denounce the major work of the church in the modern age. Let them go. The future lies elsewhere.

Heh. Funny but the same could be said about the ankle-biting octogenarians that still read the NCR. The future indeed lies elsewhere, and it's not with you, hippies.
Remember the National Catholic Distorter's motto: "We distort, you decide."
this reporter obviously doesn't have the sense that the Holy Father wants to return the Church to sanity....

The quest for unity is his stated reason, but all of us who have been in the trenches know that the real reason for bringing the SSPX into regularization is because the Church is falling apart and the Holy Father needs trusted allies.

If the SSPX can get regularized, this is the beginning of a restoration and the liberals will be in for a big surprise.
The typical Novus Ordo Mass is sort of a 1970s reenactment. 
I think I prefer the Catholic S.C.A. lol....

What a bunch of maroons...


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