VP of Central Council of German Jews: 'Pope is a liar and a hypocrite'
Wednesday, February 04, 2009 The Pope is untrustworthy, a liar and a hypocrite says former Vice-President of the Central Council of German Jews Papst-Kritik: Merkel im Kreuzfeuer - Criticism of Pope- Merkel in crossfire.

In the dispute over the readmission of the Holocaust denier Williamson into the church, Chancellor Merkel gets the support of her deputy, Steinmeier. Bishop Mixa of Augsburg sees in her words on the other hand, a "diplomatic and political mistake."

"The attitude of the Pope on the Holocaust and his inalienable sympathy for the Jews as the older brothers of Christians has been very clearly expressed," said Walter Mixa said loudly and clearly on Wednesday. "The Holy Father does not require coaching from the head of the German government." In matters of the Catholic Church and the Pope, the German head of state should show sensitivity. Also, the CSU politician Bernd Posselt warned the Chancellor about wishing to become the senior teacher of the Pope.

Supportive help from her deputy

Vice-Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) on the other hand, strongly supports the position of Angela Merkel (CDU), according tp the spokesman for Steinmeier, Jens Plötner. The Chancellor also phoned on Wednesday the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch. Merkel had extensive discussions with Zollitsch said the spokesman for the Chancellor, Ulrich Wilhelm. The conversation held was initiated by the Chancellor.

At the same time Wilhelm reiterated the statement of Merkel on Tuesday that she would not concern herself in internal church affairs. In the case of Holocaust denial, however, there was a political dimension, in particular against the background of German history. The chancellor had always kept out of church affairs, and wished to do so in the future. From a crisis in relations with the Vatican Wilhelm did not want to say anything: "I have no knowledge about that." The chancellor was "moved by the theme."

Wilhelm also pointed out that the Chancellor does not doubt the attitude of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holocaust. This was made clear by the Pope, among other occasions, during his visit to the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Central Council of Jews outraged

Even after the call by the Vatican to Williamson, " to withdraw clearly and publicly” his denial of the Holocaust, the Central Council of Jews is outraged over the issue. Secretary Stephan Kramer believes the reaction from the Vatican to the criticism of the approach of the Pope not to have been consistent enough. Kramer said that although it is a "right step". But not enough. It was not only about Williamson, but about the fundamental question of how to deal with the SSPX.

It is unacceptable that the Pope did not know Williamson’s opinion, at the time of lifting the excommunication. The Pope opposed this stance, as he himself had emphasized a week previously.

Friedman insults Pope calling him a liar

Also, the TV presenter and former Vice-President of the Central Council of German Jews, Michel Friedman, sharply attacked Pope Benedict XVI. "The Pope is untrustworthy, a liar and a hypocrite, if he wishes to sell himself on the one hand someone who stands on the basis of cooperation and coexistence between Jews and Christians, who struggles against all anti-Semites in the world and who fights against any Holocaust deniers, yet those same people he absorbs intp the Vatican with open arms, "Friedman said according to the report of the Hessischer Rundfunk magazine "Main Tower".

Perhaps Mr Friedman would like to take some time off from his Pope hatred to apologise to the women he forced into prostitution. The man that had to apologise to the German nation, but could not bring himself to apologise to his victims, has no right in the slightest to attack the Pope in this manner.

See also Rabbi says reaction to the Bishop is over the top and to judge by some of the reactions that Cathcon is getting to the above- utterly counter- productive.
They stand in solidarity as elder brothers
Can we now, in return, get the Jews to stop their denial of Pius XII's saving of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the war and being the only leader to speak out for them?
We shouldn't have anything to do with our "elder brethren", institutionally speaking. Dialogue with the synagogue of Satan has only produced submission to it.
StevusMagnus Wrote:Can we now, in return, get the Jews to stop their denial of Pius XII's saving of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the war and being the only leader to speak out for them?

No, they will go to their graves denying it. Pray for them.

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