SSPX unwelcome and Pope to step down?
Bonifacio Wrote:All hell broke loose with the lifting of the excommunications. We're witnessing a total madness here! It's time for true catholics to stand up and defend the Church. The pope needs our prayers and our support more than ever.
I believe the Vatican's "deal" with Bishop Fellay will likely fall apart in the next week or so. There's too much working against this arrangement (Jews and Libs harassing the Pope on one side, staunch "Lefebvrists" pressuring Fellay on the other), and so the timing is all wrong. I think Bishop Fellay will suffer politically within the SSPX for placing too much trust in the Vatican, and Bishop Williamson will gain greater sympathy within the Trad community.

As a cradle Catholic who's supported the SSPX for over 20 years, I'd vote for going back to the drawing boards. Rome needs to gain some backbone when it comes to dealing with the Jews and the media, and Bishop Fellay must learn how to swim through shark-infested waters.

SouthpawLink Wrote:There's always a well-founded Hope...
Fr. Schmidberger is staying strong.

That is a good sign that Bp. Fellay holds firm as well.
StevusMagnus Wrote:Can you imagine if the Holy Father resigned and Kaspar became Pope?

If this happened, I'd have to take a strong look at Sedevacantism...

Kaspar would be an anti-pope and I would be right behind you, as repellant as the idea is to me. Still, desperate times.....

God Willing, though, such an utter disaster would never occur.

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