The pope must heal this wound
QuisUtDeus Wrote:Sheep are used specifically for the followers of Christ because they are innocent and defenseless against the wolves of Satan without their shepherd.  Blessed are the weak.  The metaphor imparts a theological truth.

Your metaphor imparts a theological lie - that there is innocence in what these predators do.

Some of the Devil's associates may follow him without knowing it by simply doing his will. However, I won't press that issue further. Consider me corrected.

Quote:If you're going to engage in hyperbole, rhetoric, etc., you should at least use proper theological metaphors.  If you want to jump down Satori's throat over the meaning of the word "satori" then I don't see why you don't get it if someone jumps down your throat for getting theological metaphors all messed up.

And that's the point.  You need to calm down your condemnation of all things under the sun, and especially of other forum members.

I didn't "jump down" Satori's throat, I don't know where did you get that idea from. If you read that thread you can easily attest to it since it was a cordial conversation, even if she understood me the wrong way in the beginning.

Finally, I'm not condemning all things under the sun, much less other forum members. I feel that such description is a gross misrepresentation of my posts here at FE and completely uncalled for.

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