Our Lady of La Salette's Secret
StrictCatholicGirl Wrote:
didishroom Wrote:I always assumed that these were approved. I think you're talking about the whole "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist", right? These were always mentioned whenever I read about La Sallette. But a few people here have said there is doubt over whether or not those Secrets are truly authentic. 

Melanie's writings were questioned by Popes of her own time and right after her time, so we can't blame "Modernist Rome." In all the biographies I've read it seems she became a bit delusional toward the end and had a tendency to exaggerate.
- Lisa

Blessed Pope Pius IX:

"you want to know the 'secret'? Here's the 'secret': if you don't repent and do penance you will die".

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