Cardinal condemns Pope over lifting of excommunication
Yes and Sister Lucia had a vision of the hierarchy all getting slaughtered.  Presumably for their apostacy.

They can rest assured that if that happens to them I won't ever be denying it happened. 

In fact I'll be watching video-reruns.

I think if we get to a place where they are freely throwing rocks at the pope and slaughtering bishops, it won't exactly be a world where Youtube still exists; and we'll be hearing mass in sewers in the city.
Scipio_a Wrote:Then add New to the beginning of their title.  It is one of the few things I can give credit for (tedious and tendentious as that site is), unless he did not coin it.  Whoever did is one funny pup.

Examples:  Newcardinal Dulles,  Newbishop Sullivan, Newchurch, and finally the one that really get 'em going ---- Presbyter Neuhaus (who's "While we're at it" was often amusing).  May they rest in peace. 

That would be an option but it sounds like sedespeak, specially "Newchurch".

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