Papal Support from Confraternity of Catholic Clergy
Credo Wrote:Wow, let's see how many people Credo admired for their conservatism can fold. Pope Benedict - check. Bishop Felley - check. Now Fr. John Trigilio.

BWT CCC, just because one questions historical points doesn't mean they hate anybody, it means they can critically think.
What are you talking about? The CCC statement is excellent.
Telemaque Wrote:The first quote is from the op. The second quote has three definitions for "atrocious."

Way out of context:

newschoolman Wrote:No one has claimed or even insinuated that traditional Catholics who have considered themselves part of the SSPX family share the atrocious and anti-Semitic ideas of Bishop Williamson.
newschoolman Wrote:What did they fold on?

columba Wrote:What are you talking about? The CCC statement is excellent.

They all piled on Bishop Williamson. For the 100th time, the man did not "deny" the "Holocaust."

Who founded the Confraternity of Catholic clergy?  Was it Fr Trujillo of EWTN fame?


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