“Die rather than sin. Rather than sin, die!”
The Alabado

Song of Praise composed by Fr. Antonio Margil

Quote: Everywhere he went, Fr. Margil taught his famous Alabado, a song he wrote in verse to catechize the Indians and Spanish children. It became one of the best known and loved songs that the Spanish Franciscan missionaries used to teach the Indians neophytes. It is still remembered and sung today in parts of Mexico, Central and South America.

There are several forms or versions, and the number of stanzas varies, although the first three are universal. The form in which it is presented here, with seven stanzas, is said to be the one Fr. Margil introduced in all the missions that he founded.

Song of Praise
Quote: Lift up your hearts in joy and praise Him
In the Blessed Sacrament Most Holy,
Where the Lord, His glory veiled,
Assists souls faithful and lowly.

All praise to the glorious Conception
Of the Queen of Heaven,
For She, remaining Virgin and stainless
Is the Mother of the Word Eternal.

Blessed be St. Joseph, spouse of Mary,
The one chosen by God on high.
To his paternal care so tender
The Word Incarnate was given.

And so for endless ages
Shall it be for evermore.
Amen! Jesus and Mary!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

O dearest Jesus,
To Thee I give my heart.
Imprint on it, dear Lord,
Thy most holy Passion.

O Our Lady of Sorrows,
Grant that at the moment of death,
We may surrender ours souls to God
Through thy most holy hands.

Whoever seeks to follow God
And strives to enter into His glory.
One thing he must do and say with all his heart:
“Die rather than sin.
Rather than sin, die!”
From http://www.traditioninaction.org/Margil/...balado.htm
Imagine if we all held that to heart? Earth's population would drop considerably.

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