is awaiting the arrival of a "World Teacher" named "Maitreya"
didishroom Wrote:
Quote:Large menorahs flank the altar of St. John the Divine.
Isn't than an Episcopalian church?

I don't know but it does look like a "conservative" Novus Ordo chuch.
QuisUtDeus Wrote:Those are just feeds from PRNewswire.  If you want to pay, you can release anything on PRNewswire.  I can make a press release that says you are the new Pope and it will be replicated by anyone who picks that feed up.

He's been called the Anti-Christ (big 'A") for years and he's been around for more years than he's been called the Anti-Christ.  Near as I can make out, he's just a new age guru type.

I'm more worried about the anti-Christ (small 'a') currently occupying the White House, the anti-Christ that is the Chancellor of Germany, etc.

Thanks for that response.  I did not know how PRNewswire worked.  You are probably right.  I am still a little paranoid though; I was informed of Maitreya's impending emergence into the world scene from a friend who heard about it while listening to an interview on Relevant Radio.
Has anyone seen the ads this person runs on CNN? Saying much the same thing, to be ready for this sign in the sky. Also, without the beard and mustache his face looks very familiar.
Dawn Wrote:Also, without the beard and mustache his face looks very familiar.

Yeah, he looks like Obama.
I only watched part of it but Maitreya is the name of the prophetized future Buddha in nearly all sects of Buddhism.
It's hardly "new age", you find the name in the original Pali scriptures of Buddhism that were written in 300-400 B.C. I think he's the only Buddha, other than the original, Siddharth Gotama, that all sects accept both Thervadans and Mahayanists.
Of course alot of the "new age" stuff that you see is some warped version of Asian mysticism or religion, so in that sense I guess you could call it New Age.

this happened before in 1982, most of the major world newspapers carried an advert for the "second coming",  good book for those who want more information on the new age agenda is "Unicorn in the Sanctuary" by Randy England.
I think "tests" are sent out. Are the sheep ready or not. Obama has shown that indeed many (sadly many Catholics as well) are ready to vote for the anti-Christ when he comes.

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the Episcopal cathedral of New York.



Several apparition-researching Catholic researchers and authors consider this man the Antichrist person.

But I am not sure. Although I cannot dismiss all allegations.

I think the Antichrist must unite in himself a political role of peace-making, and he will have a connection to (probably Shia) Islam too (the Mahdi "Messianic" person the Shia Muslims of Iran and Iraq await), must be the final Maitreya of Buddhists, also a maternal Jewish line (it is said the Antichrist will be born from Satanic mass fornication between amongst others an Eastern Catholic bishop and an apostate Jewish-ethnic ex-Catholic professed nun), as the most important thing is, that he will bring a false (and merely earthly) peace to the Middle East between the Islamic sects and the (now still secular-national concept-based) state of Israel and the Jews worldwide.

He will be a pluralist, not per se in everything a syncretist (he will not force all mergers, but he will force relativism and recognition of all religions as equal, but under supervision from the restored Third Temple).

I do not know whether Share International's maitreya is the Antichrist person.

He was reported on by CNN in 1991 as having "appeared" in Kenya, and attracting followers. Also, German television in 2003 had a report on this man speaking to leading international bankers in Frankfurt (European and Germany's banking centre) and New York.
A menorah is simply a candelabrum: a lamp or candle-holder which stood within the Holy Temple of God during the time before and shortly after Christ's birth.
Something to note about the menorah is the fact that it has seven lights - as you can see in the photo above.

There is also a special menorah which is called, more specifically, a chanukiyah. This is a nine-branched candelabrum that is used specifically in the observance of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. (Also noteworthy is the fact that Catholics, and not Jews, are the ones who have a canonical book describing the events of Chanukah.)

As such, I see a continuity between the Temple with its Holy of Holies and Catholic churches with the Body of Christ within.

Sorry if this seems like a tangent, but the whole menorah post seemed to be kind of a tangent in a thread about a false messiah.

(And since I'm new here and do not want anyone to have mistaken ideas about "where I'm coming from," I'll state explicitly that I do not seek to integrate Jewish practices into Catholicism.)


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