Purpose of this subforum
The purpose of this subforum is to bring any type of debate within Catholic theology under one heading.  Arguments about what certain documents, theological concepts, etc. mean are to be done in this subforum and in no other place.

The rules specific to this subforum are as follows:

1) Tenets contrary to Catholic doctrine are not to be advanced.

2) Arguments must be done in good faith.  That is, those advancing a position should believe in the position they are advancing, and they should be advancing it for the good of souls and the Church.  Further, as a show of good faith, people are expected to either 1) answer to reasonable requests of evidence, etc., or 2) explain why the requests are unreasonable and/or cannot be done at this time (e.g., a broken leg and no ride to the library).  In addition, arguments contrary to their position are expected to be answered in a reasonable time and not ignored.

3) This subforum will allow, within the moderators' discretion, certain amounts of rhetoric, anger, ad hominems, etc. that will not be allowed in other subforums.   It is to be clear that what is allowed in this subforum is not necessarily allowed in other subforums.  The very nature of the discussions are sure to cause tempers to flare, etc., so some allowance is going to be made for that.  It does not mean that there are no rules of behavior.

Final interpretation of these rules, enforcement of these rules, and the ability to modify the rules at any time, are reserved to the moderators.  They have the final word.
Rules updated 2/22/09
Maybe they should be done for the good of the Faith, too!
Don't rush!

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