Did, ya know? Trad Catholics are "EXTREEEME"
Hello out there from Ohio! I'm a longstanding trad and parishioner at St. Gertrude's in Cincinnati. It's a 3 hour drive one-way for me so I don't make it many Sundays (I'm looking for a position in Cincy so I can move), but I thank God every day for our wonderful priests and for showing me that there were Catholics who had refused to give up the true faith.

NOW - while some of us are SSPX, some Independent, some CMRI, etc., I think we would all be in agreement that none of us consider ourselves to be part of 'extreme' splinter groups. Just listening to FoxNews at 5:00 today and they did a live report from Rome re the mess going on there with Benedict, Williamson, the Jewish coalition and all that (stand strong Bp. Williamson!). They cut back to Greg Jarrett and he said that Bp. Williamson belonged to a "very EXTREEEME group that is somewhat estranged from the Catholic Church". He really emphasized the word 'extreme' and even straightened in his chair as he said it. In this political climate, I don't care to be labeled as 'extreme' (Janet Reno's tactics are still too vivid... and don't forget the inaugural address: "Christians and Muslims...Jews and Hindus..." ), so I ran straight over to FoxNews to email Mr. Jarrett. I guess one of the reasons I'm so offended is because it's alright for the group (LUTHER, et al) that split from the true Church to continue to split and split and split ad infinitum, but people who feel that they need to step away from the Vatican are extreme. Thing is, I was totally unable to find an email link to Mr. Jarrett or that particular show. Not even an email link to FoxNews in general. I think that Mr. Jarrett needs to know that we're not extreme (nicely, of course - he probably is just reporting what he's heard - which actually makes for poor journalism..). If anyone agrees with me and can locate an email address, could you please post it here? I realize that we as Independents and SSPXers have our disagreements, but we all know one thing for sure: THE VATICAN HAS BEEN HIJACKED!

BTW, just finishing up a wonderful book on Luther: The Facts About Luther by MSGR. Patrick F. O'Hare, originally published 1916, TAN books, but apparently they're not printing it anymore since they have been bought out. I got my copy at Amazon. HIGHLY RECOMENDED READING!

*I posted this originally on 'intro', but was advised would be more likely seen on this forum.
Anyone who is not a liberal is "extreme". Gay marriage is not "extreme" even though a vast majority of Americans are against it. However true Catholicism is. It's all media speak. They control almost all information and thus, to a large degree, control public perception and can manipulate it through lies.
morelli Wrote:Hello out there from Ohio!
I've heard that the Midwest is something like a Catholic Disneyland, with traditional groups established there left and right. Lucky.

Quote:Just listening to FoxNews

Faux News is a waste of time. While they staff the channel with quite attractive newswomen, even that wasn't enough to keep Credo watching after Sean Hannity from the non-defunct show Hannity & Colmes trashed a priest for speaking against contraception.

Here's the clip:

Quote:5:00 today and they did a live report from Rome re the mess going on there with Benedict, Williamson, the Jewish coalition

I understand from SSPX priests that the Society seminary in Argentina is crawling with newspapermen. This story is big.
Ahh yes, the worship of the mushy middle. Americans lack the courage of their convictions typically and never want to appear "too extreme".

It's the new "f" word, fanatic (since the old one only elicits yawns) is the thing Christ says we must be to be saved. Doesn't give one much hope for many Americans heh?

It's standard spin: take the 1% and claim they represent the whole group.
BTW: what's with the "Vatican has been hijacked" stuff? The SSPX isn't claiming that. They're going to be working with the Vatican to give them a trad makeover.
Anastasia Wrote:BTW: what's with the "Vatican has been hijacked" stuff?

The Society may not be claiming that, but anyone with eyes to see must admit things like Assisi I & II was surely a sign of out of control Churchmen of the nefarious kind.
Yeah, not so much hijacked as the navigator didn't pay attention to the steering manuals, and got the ship off course.

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