Troubled Parishioners

At most Masses there is a particular parishioner who is 'slightly detached', or just plain evil, though I don't want to make any judgements.  The problem occurs during Holy Communion, when she approaches the priest to take Communion she does not take it, but instead takes a picture of the priest with her cell phone, then kneels down at the altar for about  5 or 10 minutes, therefore causing gross disrespect  and distruption to the highpoint of the Mass.   The priests seem at a loss how to handle the situation which has been ongoing for around 2 years now.
This an adult woman.
Should she be refused communion?

Announcement are always made before each Mass to remind parishioners to switch off their cell phones and that no photography is permitted. 

Heck yeah. I think if that went down more than once at my parish, a couple of the men would probably haul her outside.

We have a similar situation at a parish near us. 


The person is obviously not in the right state of mind to receive.  Obviously, you can't judge everyone's moral/mental state, but this woman is obviously slightly half-cocked.



Doesn't sound as if there's a problem about denying this woman communion since she won't take it anyway. She doesn't sound evil; she sounds disturbed. Somebody who has experience dealing with the mentally ill should talk to her.
She sounds like someone who meets the requirements to be diagnosed with a mental disorder... Her behavior is maladaptive, unjustifiable, disturbing, and atypical.
Perhaps she is experiencing some kind of demonic possession. Have you talked to your priest about this?

It may be worth inquiring into it, besides ruling out any mental disorder.


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