why hasn't anyone mentioned cold duck?

does that still exist?
(05-20-2009, 12:34 PM)veritatem_dilexisti Wrote:
(05-18-2009, 09:35 PM)Melita Wrote: Beer is bourgeois.
Beer is clearly proletarian (or "blue-collar", as Catholic777 would have put it), except for monastic beer.

Maybe once, but not anymore. And wine transcends class.
(05-20-2009, 12:28 PM)Paloma Wrote: I know this is the men's forum but I want to chime in with...

Wine that tastes like fruit juice?  Like wine coolers or Arbor mist? Man, that's bad.  That is something you drink when all else has failed and you are possibly too inebriated to care what others think of you. You might as well drink Mad Dog or Night Train.

Daiquiris and Pina Coladas are totally gay.  The only time a man is allowed to drink them is if he is in a tropical locale or if he is trying to be ironic.  Or if you are a Mexican man and obviously don't know any better (Mexicans like almost ALL their drinks to be super sweet.)

White wine, however, is neutral.  There are many foods that are better suited for white wines.  It also avoids that Chow Chow tongue effect you get after having a couple glasses of red (Okay, maybe only women care about that.)

Amaretto?  My first instinct is to say that it is neutral but then I remembered an old boyfriend of mine that preferred amaretto as his drink of choice.  He was 300 lbs and looked like a lumberjack but he had to be the gayest straight guy I ever met in my life.  He wore an anklet; 'nuf said.  Verdict:  Amaretto is gay.  Unless you are having it as dessert with a cigar.

The first alcohol I ever had was amaretto, but then again we were underage and drank whatever we could find.
in reply to the orignal post, personally i like dark ale and stouts, can't stand lagers or pretty much any beer i can see through, but nost of my friends are the complete opposite. i find the majority of kiwis (at least around my town) prefer pale ale (Tui) over everything else.
I'd recommend Guinness and/or Murphy's although I risk being shot for recommending both lol!
Best thing to do is just vary what you drink till you get an idea of what sort of drop you like. I even recently tried a pilsner that wasn't too bad.
Good luck!

PS getting into home brewing is a fun way to learn about different beers
CHEQVAR  is the best beer  , you'll love it!  But Guinness is good for you.  I love them both. :cheers:
(02-11-2009, 12:03 AM)MeaMaximaCulpa Wrote: I celebrated my 21st birthday today and celebrated with a few friends.  However, I really was not that fond of the beers I tried.  Is it an acquired taste?  Or perhaps is it just that I had bad beers (Budweiser and Sam Adams)?  I'd also like to probe the fish tank for suggestions on good beers, mixes, etc.

I was quite pleased with Jack and Coke...

Sam Adams makes all sorts of brews from the undrinkable tastes-like-Robitussin Cherry Wheat, to some wonderful specialty brews around the holidays (Old Fezziwig, Cranberry Lambic, Summer Ale).

Depends on the kind you get and how clean the tap is if you got in on tap.

Beer: it isn't just for brefkist any more!
(05-24-2009, 09:23 PM)Arun Wrote: in reply to the orignal post, personally i like dark ale and stouts, can't stand lagers or pretty much any beer i can see through,

Agreed.  Guiness it is!!!.  And ladies, it's great for bringing in your milk after baby comes.

I started out with a German "wheat beer" and never look back at the lighter beers.

Nothing is as heavenly as the first swig of an ice cold Guiness on a humidly hot Chicago July day.  Put's me into ecstacy.
I'd heard that women were given Guinness after they had babies because stout is rich in iron.
Proof that beer and wine are "Godly": Jesus turned water into wine and the first brewery in Canada was started by monks.
I rest my case.
I've never acquired much of a taste for beer.  It's mostly something to do with my hands while standing around chatting with a group of guys, and the bars around here have lots of dollar-beer nights.  I can't drink the flavorful beers (too many carbs), and the light beers all taste like bitter water.  A lot of times I just drink water, and throw the bartender a healthy tip so she won't think I'm just being cheap.  Water usually comes in a smaller glass than anything else for some reason, so I need lots of refills.

I've tried to develop a taste for wine, since that's what cultured people drink, but it's just spoiled grape juice to me.  I've learned that I prefer the dry spoiled grape juice to the sweet spoiled grape juice, for what it's worth.  But most of our wine goes to deglazing a pan before making gravy.

You can't go wrong with vodka.  Vodka martini if you're in a nice place; "vodka rocks" in the bars around here where you'd look a little precious holding a martini glass (if they have any).
Make mine Belgian:

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