Yeah, I know it's an old argument but it can deserve our consideration...

Quote:The Filioque in the correct understanding is a Catholic Dogma declared by the Council of Florence.
Yes I know that. My point is that the Council of Nicea forbade any additions to the Creed. And yet the pope eventually added the Filioque. Why? Because has is not bound by a Council.
The same principle applies to Pius V and the mass. And though he forbade the changing of his missal, many popes including St. Pius X, Pius XII and Bl. John XXIII.  

Quote:Sacred Dogma binds FOREVER. Dogma is Truth. Therefore the TRUTH binds FOREVER! Is/was the new missal good for the Church? Does it support the Divine Faith as it ought? I rest my case.
What case? Liturgies have changed over time since the foundation of the Church. They are constantly being perfected. The Mass of Pius V is very orthodox in that is is very explicit in the truths of the Catholic Faith.

When Paul VI revised the Mass he made it very ambiguous and almost unrecognizable. And yet it contians no heresy or anything contrary to the Faith.

We may be critical of the new form of the Mass, but that doesn't change the fact that Paul VI had the right and authority to do as he did. He did not 'change dogma' nor could he even if he wanted to.

You were asking whether this pope had the right to chnage the mass, please don't start chaging the subject.

Quote:To have a right do something is not to do it rightly. And authority cannot be separated from the truth. Authority leaves a person in an objectively evil command or decree. It leaves him maybe only in that specific command. It does not mean he leaves his office either. The President does not lose his Office for telling you to kill another who you know is innocent. He can by impeechment but he doesn't automatically. The Office of Papacy is no different, for it is also an Office that is influenced by our fallen human nature
No one is saying they like the Mass of Paul VI, or what he did was wise and beneficial for the Church.

And yes the papacy is very different from the Office of President as there is no impeachment process. The pope can only lose his office if he willingly resigns or dies.  

Who was the person who said that fisheaters was being overrun by neo-trads?

Listen you punk. You wanted an answer and we delivered. Engage in this conversation/debate like a man, not a child. Do not ask questions in order to bate people and then reveal them as 'neo-trads', whatever the heck that means.
Point of clarification. The Roman Canon, commonly referred to as Eucharistic Prayer I, is identical in its Latin form in the Pauline Mass and in the 1962 Missale Romanum, the only difference being that the Mysterium Fidei was removed from the consecration of the Precious Blood and is now a congregational acclamation. So, if one doesn't like the Roman Canon in its present English translation, it would be highly unlikely that one would like an English translation of the entire 1962 Missale. Just sayin'.

Now, go back to discussing amongst yourselves. Punks. :safe
DrBombay Wrote:Now, go back to discussing amongst yourselves. Punks. :safe

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