Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

http://immaculataconceptio.wordpress.com/2009/02/11/some-pictures-of-the-vigil-candlelight-rosary-procession-here-in-lourdes/Some pictures of the vigil candlelight rosary procession here in LourdesThe first photo with the expected enormous crowd for the vigil procession. This was taken just after the Salve Regina while the goodbyes are being said.
[Image: rosaryprocession10feb2009.jpg?w=425&h=318]
The second photo brings up a question: Who are they?
[Image: rosaryprocession10feb20091.jpg?w=425&h=318]
In the black are the women with proper black head covering. In the white are the men. You can see the people up on the ramp with their candles in this picture as well.
Not many pictures since I was actually in the procession this time with the bishop and some of other chaplains, just behind the processional statue, trying to hold an umbrella against freezing, gusty winds and sheets of pelting rain, even while trying to light the candles of those priests who were a bit frantic that their candles had gone out in those conditions! By the time these pictures were taken everything was calm again.
Perhaps I’ll have some videos after a bit. I’ve been having trouble with the WordPress servers. I might put them up on gloria.tv and put the links up here. But it’s a full morning of Confessions for now…
Again, may the Lord continue to bless you all according to the perfect intercession of the Immaculate Conception.

http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/09389b.htmNotre-Dame de Lourdestt=89
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