On Why the Pope lifted the Excommunications
Ravenonthecross Wrote:[...]
No one should deceive himself: this pope does nothing under the pressure of public opinion.
An interesting perspective indeed.
Catholicmilkman Wrote:
Telemaque Wrote:The very phrase "opening of the Church to the World" is pregnant with heresy.
NO! It is Catholicism. The Church is Universal. It is meant for every man. The world ought to come into the Church. Those that do, can be saved.

So the Church was closed to the world, not Catholic, before Vatican II?

If Vatican II "opened" the Church then it must have been.

The problem with your interpretation is that it is quite clear that what is meant by "opening the Church to the world" is allowing non-Catholic ideas from the world to permeate its teachings and practice.

Earlier writings of our current Pope:

On the other hand, it permits us to understand the meaning of this new relationship between the Church and the Modern World. "World" is understood here, at depth, as the spirit of modern times. The consciousness of being a detached group that existed in the Church viewed this spirit as something separate from herself and, after the hot as well as cold wars were over, she sought dialogue and cooperation with it.

This is very problematic. The City of God is opposed to the City of Man. The "spirit of modern times" is in conflict with the the Christ's Church. That conflict is more intense than ever. Those who go along with the World are headed for apostasy.
Why do we always forget that the Church is a bulwark of truth, and leaven in the world? She is to convert and shelter sinners, and she does this through various legitimate means and at different intensities depending on circumstance and time.

There has been a rupture in the Church's approach to the world today, which was implicitly hinted at with Vatican II, and which the progressivist clergy, religious and laity still use as their mantra. And this is what the lifting of the excommunications has revealed to us so clearly, that the problem will not go away unless the Pope reaches out to a group of traditionalist Catholics and allows them to have an active influence in the Church, namely, ad intra. Let us pray that confusion cease and that the Church is restored in virtue of what has transpired in these last few months.


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