To all forum members: Criticism of priests
I understand that we should respect the dignity of the priesthood and criticizing priests can give scandal; however, in these times we live, some priests are apostate and endangering the laity with their ideas.  They should be openly challenged to protect the faith and souls of the faithful. The example you gave is also a private revelation. 

A couple of examples:
1)I know of an NO church goer whose priest told her that it was okay to vote for FOCA, and that it wouldn't lead to increased abortions. They had a mass at that parish thanking God for the election of Barack Obama.
2)When I attended the NO, a priest told me that my pet guinea pig would go to Heaven, and that he had a soul.
3) It seems that some priests are supporting gay marriages and "solemnizing" them in their "gay" parishes; some are openly "gay."
4) There are those who openly support female priests.
5) Some priests seem to believe that Catholicism is another Christian "denomination" and see no difference between the doctrine of the Catholic Church and other Protestant ones.

We could go on and on.  From a traditional perspective, one should see why any of the previously listed beliefs would be a serious problem, as they show a complete lack of any grasp of orthodox Catholic doctrine.

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