To all forum members: Criticism of priests
miss_fluffy Wrote:My first thought is this: What about a child-molesting priest?  Are we not to question him but instead just pray for him?

And if it is okay to question a child-molesting priest, what about a priest who commits adultery?  What about a priest who steals church funds?  Where do we draw the line?

There are no lines need to be drawn. We should never advocate sin or defend it.

Those examples are not the issue, we rarely discuss them at all. What I do see is "Cardinal LaRoza is a heretic and I hope he is excommunicated". How many people who say that have prayed for that person with equal fervor as they condemned him? How many have prayed for him at all?

Instead of saying "Father LaRoza is a modernist heretic and Freemason", say modernism" is wrong, state the teachings of the Church in regards to the individual matter at hand and freemasonary and most of all pray for Father LaRoza.

Praying for the Pope is an essential part of the Catholic life, but it is neglected by so many, even outright as even someone on this forum at one point said they would not pray for the Pope. Do you all see the problem? Is prayer meaningless? People say the Pope/cardinal/bishop/priest is struggling or failing in their duty then they abandon those in need.

I am having troubling researching the source, although the book seems to be very high quality in content, it does not always cite the sources in a way which are easy to follow. The book is:

I'll try to find more information on the source himself, but listen to the words.


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