To all forum members: Criticism of priests
Telemaque Wrote:
LaRoza Wrote:Lay people should not be correcting priests. I have no right to rebuke some people who have fallen from the faith around me, so what do I do? Green scapular and prayer. That is not only the only thing I can do, it is the best thing I can do.

When priests become publicly infamous like Lehmann and Kasper (and many others), then it is not a matter of not knowing one's place.

Why? History if full of people who rebuked people above them instead of praying and it has all lead to schisms and heresies. Luther say problems in the Church and instead of stopping at fixing them and praying, he elevated himself above the Church and has caused many to go astray.

The Pope will handle those Cardinals, we will pray for the Pope and the cardinals and all priests.

And that is precisely to which I was referring. What was gained by maligning the names of those two people? Could you not speak truth and condemn heresy without judging individuals?


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