To all forum members: Criticism of priests
Quote: What I do see is "Cardinal LaRoza is a heretic and I hope he is excommunicated". How many people who say that have prayed for that person with equal fervor as they condemned him? How many have prayed for him at all?

Instead of saying "Father LaRoza is a modernist heretic and Freemason", say modernism" is wrong, state the teachings of the Church in regards to the individual matter at hand and freemasonary and most of all pray for Father LaRoza.

Fair enough.  There does seem to be a significant problem in trad circles with overt comdemnation and a lack of charity -- sometimes, I think it's been linked to the diviseness and those who actually do not want the Church to be unified.

I do think we should address the heterodoxy, even if we're not to condemn or criticize individual priests.

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