To all forum members: Criticism of priests
Oki doki, I found it. Here's the greatest hits from Pieta:

p. 17, Prayer to St. Joseph:

"Whoever reads this prayer or hears it or carries it, will never die a sudden death, nor be drowned, nor will poison take effect on them. They will not fall into the hands of the enemy nor be burned in any fire, nor will they be defeated in battle."

p. 18, Prayer for Daily Neglects:

"A poor Clare nun who had just died, appeared to her Abbess, who was praying for her, and said to her, "I went straight to Heaven, for, by means of this prayer, recited every evening, I paid all my debts."

p. 19, regarding a picture of the Blessed Mother that she supposedly assisted a mystic in drawing:

"There is a special blessing given each day to the person who carries it and another blessing given each time one looks at it with love."

p. 27, regarding a letter supposedly written by Our Blessed Lord:

"On the contrary, those people who shall carry a copy of this letter with them shall be free from death by drowning and from sudden death. They shall be free from all contagious diseases and lightning; they shall not die without confession, and shall be free from their enemies and from the hand of wrongful authority, and from all their slanderers and false witnesses.

Women in peril at child-birth will, by keeping this Oration about them, immediately overcome the difficulty. In the houses where this Oration is kept no evil thing will ever happen; and forty days before the death of a person who has this Oration about him or her, the Blessed Virgin will appear to him or her. So said St. Gregorius."

p. 59, Novena to St. Therese (If you say this, the good saint will send you a "freshly plucked rose." :sneaky: Note you have to say it before 11 a.m.)

"St. Theresa, the little flower,
Please pick me a rose from the Heavenly Garden
And send it to me with a message of Love
Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore
And tell Him I will love Him each day more & more.

(The above prayer, plus 5 Our Father's, 5 Hail Mary's, 5 Glory Be's, must be said on 5 successive days, before 11am. On the 5th day, the 5th set of prayers having been completed, offer one more set, 5 Our Father's, 5 Hail Mary's, 5 Glory Be's.)


And so forth. There are some beautiful prayers in this book, and then you have this nonsense.

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