To all forum members: Criticism of priests
moneil Wrote:I think many are missing the point that LaRoza is making (and I sincerely hope I'm not misrepresenting it).  His <b>main</b> point is that our primary response and responsibility is to pray for these misguided, live the authentic faith out in our lives, irregardless of the turmoil going on around us, and to follow the processes provided by the Church ~ rather than engaging in gossip, slander, private interpretation of events, and inciting disrespect for those in Holy Orders.
100% correct. I removed the original quote, which only inspired me to make this post, as I've planned it for a while, as it was unverifiable and not so easy to interpret.

Quote:His most important point, I believe, is that the first and most important response is always prayer (and I would add, proper discernment about the situation that causes concern), and that whatever one says or does should never be perceived as disrespect for those in Holy Orders.
Yes, if those who made such posts prayed with equal fervor, there would be no problem in the Church. Sadly, it is the Satanically inspired reaction to draw back and break away rather than draw closer and pray harder that is mostly seen.

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