To all forum members: Criticism of priests
LaRoza Wrote:
CrusaderKing Wrote:The words of St. Thomas Aquinas are more than fitting here:

"We must realize, however, that if there was question of a danger for the faith, the superiors would have to be rebuked by their inferiors, even in public."

I know Sts. Robert Bellarmine and Peter Damian said similar things, but I don't have the exact quotes handy at present.

Exactly, it must be done properly and with decorum, not mob mentalities on the internet or other gossip groups. If people wish to complain that Cardinal LaRoza said some heresy, report it to the superiors if appropriate and pray rather than trying to spread stories about the person in the name of "education" (I am beginning to doubt the source of the original, although I think its words are wise).

John the Baptist called the religious leaders of his day a "brood of vipers", Jesus denounced them without mincing words, (as well as calling Herod Antipas 'that fox') and Sts. Jerome and Peter Damian also denounced his adversaries in the harshest of terms.

Thanks to the internet, scoundrels can't get away with the things they used to years ago, as it'll make the rounds much more quickly. Oftentimes, a complaint made to superiors ends up in the circular file.

These are examples at odds with the alleged statements made to Mutter Vogel. Certainly, others should double and triple check their sources before reporting stories and posting them on the internet, or publishing them in any news source lest someone who may be innocent have their reputation tarnished. But, if anyone suggests that theologians, priests, bishops, Cardinals, or even Popes are above public criticism or reproach, I would remind them that that mentality is what fostered the sex scandals that have rocked the Church in recent years. Not to mention other scandals as well.

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