A staggeringly ignorant op-ed piece in the UNL newspaper
StrictCatholicGirl Wrote:
Quote: Catholic dioceses around the world have brought something back – and unfortunately, it’s not sexy

[Image: Bananeyessss.gif] I'm too sexy for indulgencesToo sexy for indulgencesSo sexy it hurts

And I'm too sexy for your Mass
Too sexy for your Mass
No way I'm Latin chanting

And I'm too sexy for my car
Too sexy for the Popemobile - by far!
And I'm too sexy for my hat
Mantillas, veils or hats
What do you think about that

I'm too sexy for PurgatoryToo sexy for St. Peter'sToo sexy for Fish Eaters
Too sexy for this thread...
 [Image: Bananeyessss.gif]

I love it, Lisa! Maybe this should be an official Fisheaters song. :laughing:

VII, for the record, mentions indulgences a lot. I have the Handbook of Indulgences: Norms and Grants and it extensively quotes VII (which is a pain, as it rarely says anything else, but there is nothing objectionable in it). Also, the article shows a gross misunderstanding of indulgences, as a plenary indulgence requires a lot of personal piety and intent and is hardly easy to get.

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