Saints' understanding of fate of non-Catholics - damnation
St. Rose of S. Mary of Lima The Life of Saint Rose of Lima By Jean Baptiste Feuillet, Leonhard Hansen, Antonio González de Acuña, Frederick William Faber: "[Image: books?id=aRVtF1zqnBYC&pg=PA162&img=1&zoo...477&edge=1]"

The Life of St. Francis Xavier Apostle of the Indies and Japan By Daniello Bartoli, J. P. Maffei, Frederick William Faber: "[Image: books?id=J0sQAAAAIAAJ&pg=RA4-PA452&img=1...347&edge=1]

"He particularly regretted the loss of two Moorish (Muslim) slaves who were in the skiff, because the loss of temporal life would lead them to eternal death."

St. Francis Xavier, Nov. 5, 1549: “The corsair who commanded our vessel died here at Cagoxima. He did his work for us, on the whole, as we wished… He himself chose to die in his own superstitions; he did not even leave us the power of rewarding him by that kindness which we can after death do to other friends who die in the profession of the Christian faith, in commending their souls to God, since the poor fellow by his own hand cast his soul into hell, where there is no redemption.”

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