Novus Ordo Confessionals
didishroom Wrote:From the picture I posted, you can see I'm not quite ignorant on the different ways of how confession is done.

Yes, and it was a beautiful picture!
Isn't it? The man looks so penitant and the priest so forgiving and concerned with this man's soul. 
I wish I could go to confession like that.
Lol, I'ld be too scared to.
Quote:Growing up the Novus Ordo parish I went to sort of made you feel guilty if you did not confess face to face, as if you should feel cowardly or ashamed not to.
Bingo.  It's not so much that it was allowed, but that it was required.  For people who like that kind of thing, it might have been great; but for shy or embarrassed people, it was horrible.  Especially if you got stuck going to a priest who liked to be all touchy-feely about it.

Combine that with the fact that we were never taught the proper prayers to use (and the priests didn't encourage them anyway), plus light or non-existent penances, and Confession when I was a boy was not unlike a school counseling session.  Tell someone what's eating you, get told you're really okay, and go about your day feeling lighter for having gotten a few things off your chest.  The whole business creeped me out so much that once I had a choice, I didn't go for 20 years.

I wouldn't blame this on the Novus Ordo, though.  It'd probably be more accurate to say that irreverent NO Masses and camp-counselor-style Confessions are both symptoms of the same underlying cause.
Whether you confess in the open or in the confessional I believe it's important not to sit face-to-face; otherwise you and the confessor could be subject to human frailties.  E.g. you too embarrassed to mention certain sins, the priest showing some look of disgust or furrowing his brow or something to that effect, thereby discouraging confession.
Rex_Tremendae Wrote:What is your opinions about the larger Novus Ordo confesssionals built so that you can sit directly across from the priest face-to-face? What is opinion on confessing in this manner?
   I have no problem with it.  I attended a Catholic High School in the early 60's.  We have face-to-face confession at that time in our school. If you go to a shrink, you tell him or her your inner-most thoughts face-to-face.  What's the difference?
I just got back from confession. A "Novus Ordo" confessional (in quotes, because there is no such thing). It was a very enlightening confession this time. Pray for priests.
maso Wrote:But the long excerpts that Harlequin King quoted on the dangerous promiscuity between women and priests in the past before the use of the confessional was implemented show that the same causes will bring the same effects and that the face to face confessions today are probably leading a number priests to sin with their penitent women.

That is true. I believe the confessional booth is a neat little invention, and is ideal. I like not being able to see the priest because it helps disassociate God's forgiveness from a human being, in my mind.

That being said, my point in providing the quotations was to show that the confessional booth is a relatively modern invention and is not essential. And although the booth is helpful for lots of people like myself, if someone prefers a face-to-face confession it shouldn't be thought of as "modernist", since confession for 3/4ths of Catholic history was done without a screen. There's something to be said for the human element of the sacrament, since Christ willed that Christians confess sins through His ministers, not just privately.
The_Harlequin_King Wrote:That is true. I believe the confessional booth is a neat little invention, and is ideal. I like not being able to see the priest because it helps disassociate God's forgiveness from a human being, in my mind.

I actually don't want the booth now.

The room they used at this Church is small, but one can enter it without the priest seeing you and confess the same. However, I asked the priest to bless something for me and handed it to him around the screen. Couldn't do that in a booth Smile


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