Vatican buries the hatchet with Charles Darwin
Why is this a big deal for some trads anyway? Wasn't the Church, even in pre conciliar times, on the way to accepting Evolution as fact?  My uncle was raised in the pre Vatican II Church and was educated by the Jesuits who taught him that it was perfectly acceptable to believe in Evolution so long as the concept of ensoulment and a fall of man into sin were held.

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I think you are quite right, Robb. And the business of there being one original couple. The rest is theory that people can hold opinions about if they want.
The sell-out continues. Disgusting.
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Website for serious Catholics on the Church's traditional teaching of special creation by Catholic scientists.
It's important to remember that the authority of this official does not extend beyond Faith and Morals, and therefore his opinions on scientific matters are not binding.

How he reconciles this view of Creation with the book of Genesis is difficult to see. Needless to say, he has certainly not changed Church teaching on the subject.
Perhaps these sell-outs at the Vatican should give a chance to those who try to defend the traditional catholic theology on origins before publicly praising the atheist religion to see if the world likes them better.

Try Kolbe for instance, Excellencies.

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The opening line from the article is false. Darwin taught that humans and apes are both descended from a same common ancestor, not that humans are descended from apes.

I personally don't believe in evolution, myself. I have no reason to because whether or not humans and apes descended from a common ancestor is absolutely irrelevant generally and specifically irrelevant to my salvation.

That and the fact that it is a gateway to all sorts of evil, atheist, heretical crap.

I'd love to get the text of exactly what the Bishop said. From the quotes it seems like he admits that small changes within species happen over time, but that is not in dispute.

What floors me is the Vatican's complete dismissal of intelligent design which is the proof St. Paul basically uses in the scripture and an argument that Aquinas uses for the existence of God.

The real controversy is whether man descended from non-humans. I can't see how Rome can possibly say this is compatible with Genesis. That Adam was birthed out of the womb of a prehistoric monkey!???

Furthermore there is no proof of the evolution from one species to another. I simply don't get how this Bishop can state that the Church is on board with this unproven theory that is frankly incredible. And in doing so they jettison the entirely reasonable intelligent design argument. It truly is madness.


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