Bp W Column, 2.14.08

Quote: "But when we see Mother Superior in tears because he has been promoted, we have to ask ourselves, why is she crumbling? - she is not shown then pulling herself together. Does she believe in God or in her bishop? If she believed in God, how could she let herself be so shaken? If she is so shaken, she must have believed all too humanly in the human hierarchy, which sure enough has let her down.

Thus while the merely human drama is between two people, the real drama for Catholics with eyes to see is a whole Church collapsing for lack of God. Mother clings humanly to a decent discipline, but nothing in Meryl Streep’s performance suggests that it is anchored in God. Still less anchored in God is the priest floating human love on doubt. The Church of 1964, as here portrayed to the life, was doomed. Kyrie eleison."

King Richard the Lionheart.

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Bishop Richard the Lionheart

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Hey, I'm in that photo too!

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It is good to hear from His Excellency. His vision of the Conciliar church is dark but he appears unbowed.
He ruined the movie for me.
I wasn't going to watch the film anyway. Keep fighting Your Excellency!
I was dwelling on the bishop's circumstances this evening and began to wonder if any consideration has been given to just "how" the bishop will deal with the results of his new research in order to respond to the vultures that have had their meals disturbed by the bishop.

"Public Relations" keeps being bandied about as if it is essential to sway the emotions instead of people soberly taking in the truth.  If that's the case, then prudence demands some thought go into it.

Here's what I came up with:

1) The bishop is not denying the holocaust.  And since that phrase is so imprecise, I'm offering this one.   He is "searching for the highest percentage of survivors." 

From a PR standpoint, that would be a wonderful way to throw the media's slippery reframing of events back at them.

2) He should focus on the phenomena of what I've termed the "Ghouls of the highest numbers."  The desire to have the numbers as high as possible.

Malcolm Muggeridge was reported to have spoken of the "liberal death-wish" any analysis of the current situation should deal with that aspect of this whole ordeal.

3) Since this started with a video interview,the vehicle for striking back shoudl be a  sit down interview on camera (either trad-friendly, EWTN or even a hostile mainstream reporter) with a contractual proviso that the entire interview be kept intact, no edits. 

If no takers come, it should be conducted by a trad and posted online on youtube or any of the other outlets.

newschoolman Wrote:Hey, I'm in that photo too! 

Where are you?

Why would you compare Williamson with Richard the Lion-Hearted?
didishroom Wrote:Why would you compare Williamson with Richard the Lion-Hearted?
Bishop Williamson and King Richard the Lion-Hearted both stand accused of hate-crimes.

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