Listen to Card. Rigali 6pm est on Bp. Williamson
Sorry for the delay posting the interview.  I will try to get to it today if anyone cares. :P
Thanks Quis,

I'd like the benefit of having some exact quotes of His Emminence before I send a respectful yet clear letter to him and others in the archdiocese. 
jacobhalo Wrote:The bishop should adhere to the spiritual life and leave history to those who study it. I am a history professor, and I surely would not contradict a theologian who is an authority on his subject.  There is much evidence and living witnesses who can and did give documented statements concerning the gas chambers.  The bishop must have read rivisionist historians who deny the holocaust.  These historians have "an axe to grind" against the Jews. 

Pope St. Pius X condemned that attitude in his encyclical Pascendi. The modernist as historian undermines the truths of the faith.

By your standards the Pope should also shut up about his position believing in the holocaust. That is until he gets the imprimatur from unnamed scholars.  

There is also much evidence that was fraudulent, and witnesses whose testimony did not hold up.  Soap, Lampshades, Shrunken heads, Gas chambers at Dacau, Electrocution chambers, Fire pits.  They've all been discredited.  Ellie Wiesel for instance has never answered why he and his father when given the option to flee with the Germans or stay and wait for the Russians decided to go with the Germans.  Wiesel also does not mention gas chambers at all in his book "the Night." 

Which historians are you talking about that are revisionists have an 'axe" to grind against jews?  Do you think Paul Rassinier had an axe to grind and why do you think that?


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