"Pat", part deux
You're all a bunch of weirdos.

Stevus, has someone been bringing back questions and statements from their NO fellowship service?  I have a friend that talks to his priest/presbyter about the things we talk about when what I say to him really disturbs him.  Let me give you an example and see if the shoe fits.

J. approached his Presbyter and asked him about the problems I presented about NO validity and the three required elements (form, intent, matter).

The answer he got was a dismissal of the Faith in the most obnoxious way, which just proved that the guy is a presbyter, not a priest.
He said, and I paraphrase due to the gap in time and my memory:  "Some people just think its' really important and are more about holding your finger together than blah blah blah..."

from http://www.theholymass.com/part3.htm

[Image: latin_mass52.jpg]
After the Consecration

After the Consecration Jesus Christ Himself is now with us on the altar. Let us tell Him what we want and ask Him to love and help us. Ask Him for the things you want yourself and for all whom you love. Jesus loves hearts that forget themselves for others. You will notice since the Consecration that the priest is careful with the fingers which have supported the Consecrated Host. In reverence to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, his fingers and thumbs are kept together as indicated in the picture until the washing of the hands after Communion.

So what really is the purpose of this thread?


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