Pope Benedict XVI on Mideast tour
May these events open up the SSPX eyes. The synagogue rules Rome.
And the Knesset rules Washington.
cunctas_haereses Wrote:And the Knesset rules Washington.

True, very true.
Quote:I predict absolutely nothing good will come of this trip.  John Paul II visited  the Wailing Wall.  Pope Benedict has been to a mosque (in Turkey!) and I don't know how many synagogues.  He does *not* need to prove his bona fides to the interreligious dialogue crowds.  But the Pope will insult the SSPXers and fellow travelers by going on this trip.  Then the traditionalists will be split again into those writers who feel obliged to defend him, those who feel obliged to chastise him, and those who feel they cannot join either camp. 
Folks, like it or not we ALL have an obligation as Roman Catholics to defend the Holy Father, Christ's representative on earth. We don't have to LIKE everything he does. There are some things he does I don't like, and if I ever become Pope I'll do them differently.   In the meanwhile HE is the Pope, publicly cricizing him serves no useful purpose.Those of us who feel obliged to chastise His Holiness might well swallow our arrogant pride, stay in our own paygrade, and PRAY for him. Those who feel they can't do either might be well served recalling the words of Jesus that He would rather we were hot or cold because lukewarm will be vomited from his mouth.


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