Theologians clash with German bishop over criticism of pope
Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Quote:Theologians clash with German bishop over criticism of pope,theologians-clash-with-german-bishop-over-criticism-of-pope.html

Regensburg, Germany - German Catholic theologians expressed shock Tuesday at a threat of discipline by a hardline bishop, in the aftermath of the row over Rome's readmission of Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson. The initial controversy was triggered by the decision last month of Pope Benedict XVI to end an internal Catholic schism with the ultra-traditionalist group, the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).[...]

In the latest twist in the row, Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller of Regensburg - where the pope owns a private home - was infuriated when three theology professors at the University of Regensburg signed an online petition criticizing the pope. [...]

This in not true," he wrote. "You have shown yourself that you are not qualified to teach Catholic theology." The letter threatened "further steps" but did not say if this meant revoking their licences to teach in the name of the church at the public university.

Sabine Demel, professor of canon law at the university, said she was appalled at the letter. Professor Burkard Porzelt, a religious- education scholar, said he was shocked "that there was no discussion beforehand.[...]
Boo Hoo. The traitor professors will probably get off with slaps on the wrist. These petitions help cost Bishop Williamson his rector position and were used by Church enemies to attack the Pope.
Further lines are drawn. Let us raise up our banners.
Yes, there is a nice big list of German theologian petition signers that need to be fired. God bless Bishop Mueller.

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