Pope Benedict Tells Nancy Pelosi Catholics Must Oppose Abortion
Paul Wrote:
Aviz Wrote:Friend, I would already be eternally grateful to God if the Pope simply started acting as a Pope.

Perhaps all the recent events over Bishop Williamson and the SSPX will be a start to that, now that the liberals have all come out opposing the Pope. And if not, then hopefully it will at least be a start for the next Pope, or the one after, to be someone not so tied to Vatican II, and be the one to start acting like a Pope again.

The recent events over H.E. Bishop Williamson and the SSPX were an eye-opener to many of us who were still slightly inebriated with Summorum Pontificum Cura and the "lifting" of the excommunications. These events demonstrated how truly sick the conciliar church still is. The reactions from Rome show us who is truly in charge; that is to say, the synagogue of Satan.

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