Obama to Name Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius as Health Secretary

Obama to Name Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius as Health Secretary
Washington, DC -- While House officials say President Barack Obama will name pro-abortion Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has been criticized for refusing to limit late-term abortions, as the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. 

Once official, her selection would add to Obama's growing pro-abortion record as president.

Full story at: http://www.LifeNews.com/nat4845.html

Suprise, suprise.
Obama is sickening...

May the good faithful in America raise their voices against the public adulation and mass hypnosis that has put a man on charge who most likely will inaugurate an unprecedented dark era in the history of the United States.

These people from "Obamanation" could be called life-negationists or abortion-revisionists. Public funded infanticide will increase! What moral do these people have to talk about muslims, communists, fascists or nazis when they pass laws to defend and promote the murder of the nation's own children in their mothers' wombs.

May the Good Lord have mercy on us all.
I'm tellin' you—she's gonna run for president someday.
The problem with these postbots is that this post has nothing to do with Catholic News, Discussion, History & Culture.

The fact that Sebelius is a nominal Catholic notwithstanding.

(Frankly, as a Kansan, I'm glad to see her go.  Good riddance.)
Agreed.  We get rid of her, and she's not going to do anything that any other Obama appointee to the position wouldn't. 
Yup, "Not a dime's worth of difference between Obama and McCain."

I wonder if the President is crossing his fingers and hoping she doesn't have any tax problems herself.

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